5L MiniKeg

SingleCut BeerSmiths 5 Liters Mini Keg *PICKUP ONLY*

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Perfect for long weekends, summertime parties, BBQ's and generally just chilling with friends. 

Pre-order your 5L Mini Keg and have it filled fresh & ready to pick-up at the SingleCut BeersmithsTaproom, Queens or our SingleCut North Store in Clifton Park, NY. 

Please leave preferred pick up date and location in notes section at checkout. (Please note, Taproom & North Store opening hours Thurs-Sun) To ensure maximum freshness all kegs will be filled as close to the day of pick-up as possible. In the rare scenario were we have run out of your desired beer, you shall be contacted by our Beersmiths to sort out a substitute.

Sales Tax included.

***Pick-Up ONLY from either Astoria Taproom OR SingleCut North*** (It is unlawful for us to ship beer in the mail direct to consumers - PICKUP ONLY!!!)

NOTE FOR NORTH STORE PICKUPSFor the time being - you must place your orders by Sunday the week prior to your desired pickup date. We will fill your mini-kegs fresh and ship them up from Astoria for your enjoyment.


Current availability:

  • PlainTop Pilsner 5.2% 
  • Jan White Lager 5.2% 
  • Lifton Helles 4.7%
  • Dean Mahogany Pale Ale 5.6% 
  • Some Cat From Japan 4.2%
  • Terry Meets Julie Raspberry Sour 4.2% ***
  • Strictly Hand-Held Honey Kolsch 5.0% ***
  • Softly Spoken Magic Spells IIPA 8.6%

***contains lactose