SingleCut Beersmiths Pint Glass

SingleCut Beersmiths Pint Glass

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Here's our essential SingleCut pint glass (you guessed it, 16oz!). The workhorse of the glass family. Whether you have a hankering for the cloudiest of juice bombs, crispest kolsch or velvety cascading nitro stout, this glass is the glass for you. Luminarc Midland.

The possibilities are especially endless with this one, but our Beersmiths recommend good old Billy Half-Stack IPA

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Finally the official SingleCut Oslo glass, clocking in at 16oz sharp. This sleek and sturdy vessel is ideal for pilsners and lagers, but works very well for IPAs too. Keep your beers cool and your beer credibility cooler with this classic ergonomic shape.

Our Beersmiths recommend the endlessly refreshing 19-33 Pilsner.


Our smart and sophisticated SingleCut tasting glass. This refined 10 oz gentleman is ideal for Imperial Stouts and Sours alike. We invite you to grab your ivory pipe, oldest leather bound book, sit back and enjoy.

Our Beersmiths recommend Heavy Boots of Lead Imperial Stout and a silk smoking jacket.


Our official SingleCut tulip glass is matched in both style and versatility. At a clean 13oz it is best suited for IPAs, Belgians, and Sours, but anything you put in this guy can be swirled, swished and enjoyed to your tastebud's content. A short stem and broad flat base make it ideal for warming brews in your palm or holding them up to the light for notes on color. 

Our Beersmiths recommend filling with Softly Spoken Magic Spells IIPA.